Merritt College

College Merritt - Division III
Originator Hank Fabian
Award Type Certificate of Achievement

Codes and Dates
State Approval Date 11/08/2016
Curriculum Committee Approval Date 12/11/2014
Board of Trustees Date 3/10/2015
Current Effective Date 11/08/2016
Program Control Number 35315
Top Code 1205.00 - Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician*


The Merritt College Histotechnician program provides on-campus and on-site technical training in the field of histotechnology, focusing on routine tissue sample preparation, special stains and techniques such as immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, fluorescence microscopy and genomics. Training on campus will utilize samples routinely prepared in both clinical and research facilities. As part of their formal training, students of histotechnology will work through study guides provided by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) for its certification examination. Partnerships with local facilities will allow for work experience and internship sites, required for certification of histotechnician graduates, and will provide further training for those interested in research and/or careers in the private sector. Completion of this Program qualifies students for HT or HTL certification through ASCP.

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon successful completion of the requirements below. 

Career Opportunities
Histotechnician positions in the following: hospital and clinical diagnostic labs, biotech histotechnology labs, academic research labs, agricultural and plant pathology labs, veterinarian labs.
Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  1. Identify tissues as well as prepare tissue samples for analysis following ASCP/NAACLS guidelines.
  2. Demonstrate good laboratory practices, as well as skilled handling of histotech and genomics laboratory equipment, including trouble-shooting.
Degree Requirements:

Credit Hours: (51.5 - 58.5 Required)
BIOL 002  and Human Anatomy 5
BIOL 004  or Human Physiology 5
BIOL 020A  and Human Anatomy and Physiology 5
BIOL 020B  and Human Anatomy and Physiology 5
BIOL 003 Microbiology 5
BIOSC 002 Theory and Practice of Optical Microscopy 5
BIOSC 005 Good Laboratory Practices 1
BIOSC 006 Survey of Biotech Industry 1
BIOSC 007 Practical Mammalian Cell Culture 1
BIOSC 008 Immunohistochemistry 1
BIOSC 009 General Histology 5
BIOSC 010 Fluorescence Microscopy Laboratory 3 - 6
BIOSC 011 Lab Safety and Ethics 0.5
BIOSC 030 Genomics Theory 4
BIOSC 055 Beginning Histotechniques 4
BIOSC 056 Advanced Histotechniques 4
BIOSC 057  and Advanced Immunohistochemistry 2
CHEM 001A  or General Chemistry 5
CHEM 030A  and Introductory General Chemistry 4
COPED 476G Occupational Work Experience in Histotechnology 1 - 4
Total: 51.50 - 58.50